1. How do I register for the event?2021-12-13T03:33:30+00:00
  1. Click on the icon on the top right side for registration.
  2. Choose “Register” tap
  3. Apply by using your email, Facebook, Google and Line Account.

2. I am pre-registered. How can I login?2021-12-13T03:33:45+00:00
  1. Click on the icon on the top right side for login.
  2. Choose the “login” tab.
  3. Enter the username and password to complete your login process.

3. How do I recover or reset my password?2021-12-13T03:37:13+00:00
  1. Click on the icon on the top right side to go on the login page.
  2. Choose the “login” tab.
  3. Click on “forgot password” tab.
  4. Enter the registered email.
  5. Check your mailbox and you can reset your password by click on the link.

4. To join IHSATEC 2021: 14th HASIB, IHSACC 2021, Academic Presentation2021-12-13T04:50:44+00:00
  1. Go to Lobby → Choose menu HSATEC 2021: 14th HASIB, IHSACC 2021 Or Academic Presentation.
  2. Choose Live Agenda from menu bar.

– To watch Live Streaming

  1. After login to live agenda, User can choose to join watching live streaming in Thai Language or in English translation.
  2. Choose any of your choices.

– To leave a message or giving comments.

  1. Use can go on chat room after completed login process.

– To leave question

  1. User will be able to leave question after logged in.
  2. After logged in, click on Q&A tab to leave a question.

5. To do the evaluation to certify meeting attendance.2021-12-13T04:19:00+00:00
  1. User will be able to do the evaluation only after login to your account.
  2. After logged in, click on “Evaluation” tab

6. To join voting or viewing our Exhibition Poster.2021-12-13T04:51:49+00:00
  1. User can access by going to lobby tab choose Exhibition poster menu to review poster Or directly access by choosing Exhibition menu from menu bar.

– To give the vote poster exhibition.

  1. User can only give 1 time vote for 1 user.
  2. User can give vote by click on icon.

7. To access the Thailand International Halal Expo 20212021-12-13T04:39:05+00:00

User can access The International Halal Fair from lobby tab, choose “TIHEX” or Choose “Expo” tab on menu bar.

8. To do the evaluation of Thailand Halal Assembly 20212021-12-13T04:52:19+00:00

 – Website

Click on evaluation menu from menu bar.

 – Exhibition Poster

Click on evaluation for rating.

9. Help & Contact.2021-12-20T07:08:02+00:00

Click “Help” Menu

** Contact : [email protected]

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